I need to make a report about investment everyday. It requires a lot of changes of the sign of figures. (from - to + or from + to -)

Is there a simple way to overload (extend) the ~ command (switch case) with such a toggle function?

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I would do:

function! ExtendToggle()
  let char = getline(line('.'))[col('.')-1]
  if char == '-'
    return 'r+l'
  elseif char == '+'
    return 'r-l'
    return '~'

nnoremap <expr> ~ ExtendToggle()
  • Great! That's just what I need/want! Thank you very much! I append a SPACE to 'r+' and 'r-' so that it advances afterward like what '~' would do. Commented Mar 1 at 10:22
  • 1
    Thanks for the feedback. I'll adapt the solution according to your remark (replacing <space> by l since for a number of us <space> is the leader key) Commented Mar 1 at 10:42
  • 1
    Note that using <space> should be OK because it is protected by nnoremap. The space will just be a space, not a leader or any other mapping.
    – Kevin
    Commented Mar 1 at 18:58
  • You are right. The <leader> are only used in mapping and the nnoremap is ignoring the mapping so indeed it should be fine (to be sure I have tested) :-) Commented Mar 1 at 19:06

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