So I know that, in Vim, I can use the :retab command to convert an entire file from multiple-spaces to tabs or from tabs to spaces, depending on the value of :set expandtab.

But is there a way that I can convert spaces to tabs on a single line?

My old editor, Vile , has ^A-space and ^A-tab to do this line-by-line. But I cannot find the matching command in Vim.

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The retab command accepts a range.

To convert spaces into tab in the current line (providing that the expandtab is set to no :set noet) you could do:


To convert spaces into tab on line 42 you could do:


More information with :help retab

You could get your key command back with the following mappings:

nnoremap <C-a><tab> <cmd>set noet<bar>.retab!<cr>
nnoremap <C-a><space> <cmd>set et<bar>.retab<cr>

vnoremap <C-a><tab> :<C-u>set noet<bar>'<,'>retab!<cr>
vnoremap <C-a><space> :<C-u>set et<bar>'<,'>retab<cr>

Remark: Be aware that with this mapping the Ctrl a that increments the next integer will hold timoutlen before triggering.

  • Perfect. Thanks. I'm still getting used to vim.
    – hymie
    Feb 20 at 20:12
  • Welcome to Vim! Thanks for the feedback :-) Feb 20 at 20:16
  • 1
    Another remark: the mappings will change the expandtab option as a side effect. All the lines formatted afterwards will be the same. If that's what you wanted anyway, it's perfect. If not, it may be surprising.
    – Friedrich
    Feb 21 at 7:16

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