Latest neovim release is 0.9.5. On Debian it's 0.7.2-8—Why?


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While adding links to your Question, I noticed that the release you mention is on the testing and unstable channels. A newer release is in experimental. Debian I believe generally emphasizes stability over rapid releases, so perhaps you simply misunderstood the Debian packaging process and ethos?

I’m not a Debian expert, but I’m sure there’s a way to install from the experimental channel if you want it.

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    I would not call myself a Debian expert either but I agree. I've joked that Debian's slogan should be "the best software from five years ago". I'd compile it myself if I wanted the latest (Neo)Vim version. Debian is popular and widely supported, there are detailed instructions how to do it.
    – Friedrich
    Feb 11 at 18:18

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