In plain old (n)vimdiff, one can jump to the next/previous difference using [c or ]c respectively. (says :help diff documentation, at least)

Not so much in my AstroNvim; running nvim -d -R old.txt new.txt, after typing [, there's no c option (and pressing c just exits the menu):

Screenshot of my terminal emulator showing neovim running the AstroNvim frontend, showing the key selection choice after pressing \, not encompassing a c option

So, how does one navigate nvimdiff from within AstroNvim?

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There is no option indeed (I believe because ]c is a standard functionality and that are no added mapping has been introduced) but the command do work (at least for me).

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    they don't work for me, as said :( Feb 9 at 21:47
  • Your screenshot shows two files that look very similar. Could you provide one with two files with clear differences may be some additions? Feb 9 at 22:00
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    sure, give me a minute Feb 9 at 22:06
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    fantastic! Now it works! (just made a 100 lines file, for i in {1..100}; do echo $i >> text.original; done, deleted and duplicated a few lines and added some text in a line, and it now does work) So, it might be a file size problem? interesting, but not subject of my question! Feb 9 at 22:13
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    no, I've tried different cadences; maybe the diffing process times out on the ~ 5MB file. Feb 9 at 22:21

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