Can I do this in Vimscript?

let [a, b] = s:MyFunc()

function! s:MyFunc()
  return [1, 2]

Yes you can, but Vim calls it list unpacking. It can be found in Vim's help:

:h let-unpack

Vim allows you to create and populate two variables from a list:

let [var1, var2] = mylist

which is equivalent to:

let var1 = mylist[0]
let var2 = mylist[1]

There is also an (untagged) section on that help page titled "List unpack". It says you can do:

let [var1, var2; rest] = mylist

to collect an optional unknown number of items in a list.

And you can use a related trick to perform operations on multiple existing variables at once:

let [var1, var2] += 1

There is lots to like about this language.

However I don't believe any such magic is available for Dictionaries as of yet.

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    Who's "you" ? let [personality1, personality2] = MeAsksMeAlsoAnswers() :)
    – VanLaser
    Aug 19 '15 at 0:03

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