Typing ^G gives

"filename" 119 lines --17%-- 21,0-1 Top

Setting statusline=%t\ %m%r%50l,%c%V\ %P gives e.g.:

filename [+]                            21, 0-1       Top
-- INSERT --

i.e. the statusline is in addition to the normal line used for :ex cmds, showmode and ruler.

Ideally, I'd like something like:

filename [+]       -- INSERT --                          21, 0-1       Top

as the line normally used by the ruler. I.e. not using a statusline (and not the window title either).

  • ruler might be it?
    – Maxim Kim
    Feb 6 at 21:55
  • @MaximKim I seem to recall rulerfmt that might do it if the filename can be included.
    – D. Ben Knoble
    Feb 6 at 22:00
  • Yes, :set rulerformat=%t\ %m%r\ %l,%c%V\ %P is more or less what I want. It gives -- INSERT -- tst.c [+] 5,1 All (in insert-mode, with showmode set).
    – colinh
    Feb 6 at 22:16
  • I've changed this to:set rulerformat=%50(%t\ %m%r\ %l,%c%V\ %P%) because the output gets truncated if the output is too long. The change means the output is no longer right-justified :-(
    – colinh
    Feb 6 at 22:56

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I believe in neovim you would do this with :set cmdheight=0 so that the statusline occupies the bottom of the window. There is a side-effect that opening a command line with : shifts the display a bit, IIRC.

I think the closest thing in Vim is the ruler. You could make this show what you want with rulerformat.

  • Thanks, rulerformat does the trick (and no, cmdheight=0 doesn't work in vim).
    – colinh
    Feb 6 at 22:11

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