I would like to have a keyboard shortcut to

  • run mypy on the current buffer
  • put the output in the QuickFix window

I only want mypy to run and populate the QF window on demand, not constantly. I do have ALE installed, but I've not been able to a) limit the QuickFix window to only mypy output b) be able to run it on demand and c) not have ALE populate the QF window with mypy comments when I'm using the QF window for other things.

Any help or pointers would be much appreciated.

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I would do:

Create a ~/.vim/compiler/mypy.vim file with the following content:

set makeprg=mypy

In your python session you can activate the compiler with the following command:

:compiler mypy

More information with :help :compiler`

The compiler mypy command will run the mypy.vim file and set the make options to use the mypy compiler.

To check the current file you can then do:

:make %

The make command run the tool configured in makeprg and populate the quickfix list based on the output using the errorformat to identify the relevant information (file name, line number, error message).

More information with:

Like @Friedrich mention you can associate the make % to a shortcut with:

nnoremap <F7> <cmd>make %<cr>
  • OP asked for a keyboard shortcut, that would be e.g :noremap <F7> <Cmd>make %<CR>
    – Friedrich
    Commented Jan 30 at 9:32

Thank you, really helpful. What I ended up doing, inspired by @Vivian De Smedt's answer, was:

In .vimrc

autocmd BufRead *.py set makeprg=mypy
nnoremap <leader>m :silent make %:S <Bar> copen<CR>

In pyproject.toml:

error_summary = "False"

That does exactly what I need. Thank you for the help.

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