This is a question about using the help docs. I find Vim's documentation really easy to navigate, I've done it a lot, and there was the user manual to explain the system. But I find neovim's documentation really tough! If you wanna look up how to do :help map in Lua, you have to say :help lua-keymap or :help vim.keymap. You have to know to look up lua-keymap or vim.map.

Are there resources that help you browse through the Lua help docs? I am really struggling here. I have been using ChatGPT to look stuff up; it works, but it kinda sucks. I feel like I'm shooting in the dark every time I go to the docs, whereas with Vim I felt like everything was there and made sense!


I want to run a Vim command: highlight Normal guibg=None. I want to run it in Lua (because I want to learn the interface fluently, not because I need to use Lua). I can easily do this like so: vim.cmd("highlight Normal guibg=None").

There's also a neovim way to do it, but I never would have learned about this if not for Google.


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