As every user in this community understands, launching Vim using the command line without using any arguments or flags will edit a blank buffer with the :intro screen.

Some distributions and utilities support opening recent files in their main menu, e.g., LunarVim. I have found no method for achieving the same result using Vim.

Does Vi or VIM support this kind of feature using flags or options?

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To open the last file edited you can do:

vim -c "'0"

Or after starting Vim hit '0.

More information with :help viminfo-file-marks

But if you are interested by the MRU feature. There are two families of plugins that offers it:

  • The Dashboards
  • The Fuzzy Finders

Browse OldFiles

Vim provide the command:

:browse oldfiles

It list you the files recently opened.

You can then:

  • Scroll the list using the j, k, d, u keys,
  • Quit the list using q

You are then prompted for a file index to open. If you are interested to the last opened file the index to select is 1.


Here is a list of popular "Dashboards"

Here the MRU list of the Startify dashboard: the Startify MRU list

Fuzzy Finders

Here is a list of some popular Fuzzy Finders together with their "MRU" commands:

  • fzf and the :History command
  • CtrlP and the :CtrlPMRUFiles command
  • vim-Clap and the :Clap history command (my favorite on Windows)
  • Telescope and the :Telescope oldfiles command for Neovim only

Here the Clap MRU popup: the Clap MRU popup

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