So I was setting up my status line and I wanted a function which gives the icon of current file type. But it has to be in string.

  str="{some icon}"
  return str

so far so good

But now I need colored ones because why not?

So I came across something like this

  local str = {}
  str.str = "{some_icon}"
  str.hl = {fg="#FFFFFF",}
  return str

but now str is not a string.

Is there a way to convert it to string while keeping its color? Or all together is there a better way to get a colored icon as string? And also without loading any plugins.

I use feline plugin to setup the statusline....below is an example for a component config

        vim_status = {
        provider = function()
            local s
            if require('lazy.status').has_updates() then
                s = require('lazy.status').updates()
                s = ' '
            s = string.format(' %s', s)
            return s
        hl =vi_mode_hl ,
                right_sep = {
            always_visible = true,
            str =  "",
            hl = vi_sep_hl,

I want to pass the icon to the provider field and this takes only string values

  • It would be helpful if you could share the full code. You mention status line so I suppose you somehow set the statusline option. It would be good if you could share the code that set your status line. Jan 25 at 5:57

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To control the color of the text of the status line you have to use highlighting groups and a special %#...#... syntax for the return value of your provider.

e.g.: To have Foo in green in your status line you could do:

highlight Green guifg=#008000
set statusline=%#Green#Foo
  • 1
    Fwiw the User1 through 9 groups are specifically intended for statusline highlights.
    – D. Ben Knoble
    Jan 25 at 16:09

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