Is there a way to change the plugin install location from:


to let say:


After installing LazyVim, cloning into that folder fails so none of the plugins were installed.

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    let me try your suggestion and I will get back to you.
    – ThomasDKim
    Jan 24 at 18:16
  • Thanks, take your time :-) I'm just interested to make sure we follow up and don't have dangling questions ;-) Jan 24 at 18:20

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You can influence the path of the nvim-data folder by setting the: XDG_DATA_HOME environment variable.

If set, the path of the nvim-data folder is %XDG_DATA_HOME%\nvim-data

Setting XDG_DATA_HOME to C:\ should do the trick.

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    This worked! Thank you!
    – ThomasDKim
    Jan 24 at 18:28
  • Thanks for the feedback :-) I'm glad your problem is solved ;-) Jan 24 at 18:29

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