I am using Neovim v0.9.5 and configured this editor using Lua.

I'm searching for a way of using a single caret down (▾) character for folds.

Here is what is currently used by Neovim by default.

** Heading title folded---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
** Another heading unfolded
   Some content

Here is what I want

** Heading title folded ▾
** Another heading unfolded
   Some content

Also, notice the space afte the d letter and the caret character.

What is the Lua code that I can append to my init.lua file in order to achieve this goal?

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    The answer did not seem to work as intended, but I need to create a reproduction of the issue in an isolated environment. I simply did not have the time to do that but this is planned for the week-end. Thank you for the follow up.
    – Amin NAIRI
    Commented Jan 19 at 10:08
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If VimScript I would do:

set fillchars+=fold:\ 

function! MyFoldText()
  let line = getline(v:foldstart)
  subistitute(line, '\s*$', '', 'g')
  let line = line . ' ▾'
  return line 

set foldtext=MyFoldText()

Or in "pure" lua:

vim.opt.fillchars:append({fold = ' '})

function myfoldtext()
  local line = vim.fn.getline(vim.v.foldstart)
  return line .. ' ▾'

vim.o.foldtext = 'v:lua.myfoldtext()'

I you want this to apply to only some filetype then the code should be put in the corresponding filtype.lua file and use local options:

vim.opt_local.fillchars:append({fold = ' '})

function myfoldtext()
  local line = vim.fn.getline(vim.v.foldstart)
  return line .. ' ▾'

vim.opt_local.foldtext = 'v:lua.myfoldtext()'

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