I have two keymaps like this

vim.keymap.set('n', 'c', ':w <bar> !gcc "%" -o "~/Newfolder/nvimoutput/a.exe"<CR><CR>', { silent = true })

I need to combine them both into something like this

vim.keymap.set("n","cf","{how do i do this part now?}")

I tried 'bar' and '|' between them but it didnt work maybe its not using cmd mode.

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Without Lua, a sane solution would be

:nmap cf tec

where we use nmap because we want recursive mapping interpretations (we want tec to be interpreted as mappings, if possible).


I would simply concatenate both:

vim.keymap.set("n","cf",'<C-w>l|ia.exe<CR>:w <bar> !gcc "%" -o "~/Newfolder/nvimoutput/a.exe"<CR><CR>')

Mappings are executed in the starting mode (here Normal) and is just a list of key strokes to be sent.

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    thanks that helped!
    – Prajwal
    Jan 14 at 17:24
  • Thanks for the feedback. If it solves the problem maybe you could accept the solution using the v button next to the arrow voting buttons. It allows the question to rest ans rassure others that is worth trying :-) Jan 14 at 18:33

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