I'm trying to configure tsserver via neovim lspconfig. Currently I am trying to enable logging to verbose mode:

lspconfig.tsserver.setup {
  on_attach = on_attach,
  capabilities = capabilities,
  root_dir = lspconfig.util.root_pattern ".git",
  settings = {
    typescript = {
      tsserver = {
        enableTracing = true,
        log = "verbose",

When I run :LspLog I do not see any logs from tsserver. Is my configuration correct? I have tried multiple variants passing the settings, but nothing worked so far. Thanks

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In the configuration docs under tsserver options:

  • log is named logVerbosity.
  • enableTracing is named trace.

Both of those names could have been changed since the question was asked. It seems likely the original problem was a result of using the old configuration keys.

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