The Neovim user guide says to issue these commands to show the concealed characters in the user guide:

:set conceallevel=0
:hi link HelpBar Normal
:hi link HelpStar Normal

What would be the equivalent init.lua lines?

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I would do:

vim.o.conceallevel = 0
vim.api.nvim_set_hl(0, "HelpBar", { link = "Normal" })
vim.api.nvim_set_hl(0, "HelpStar", { link = "Normal" })

The nvim_set_hl documentation contains a remark about the link argument of a highlighting group in the description of the val parameter.

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    where do I find that in the documentation? Commented Jan 6 at 22:19
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    Not easy to search the doc and a good knowledge of the vimscript version help to understand the lua version. I have added a pointer to the doc. Tell us if it help enough. Commented Jan 7 at 6:21

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