I would like Vim (run in a terminal) to only use the leftmost 80 columns of the terminal (i.e., not display anything in the columns right of that). Of course, I don't want to have to resize my terminal window to 80 columns. How is it possible to achieve that?

I have tried:

  • Setting :set columns=80 in vim, but this has no effect
  • Running COLUMNS=80 vim, but vim ignores the variable altogether
  • Following posix-screen-size in help, putting set cpoptions=aABceFs| in my .vimrc and then retrying the above; but this has no effect either. I don't understand why -- :help posix-screen-size specifically promises that the | flag in cpoptions should make vim follow LINES and COLUMNS (see also :help cpo-bar).

To be precise, for the last point, because my shell (zsh) as a tendency to resetting COLUMNS to its default setting, I was careful to try in a separate shell. I tried what's below and it did not work:

$ export LINES=80 COLUMNS=80
80 80
$ vim -c 'set cpoptions+=|' path/to/file

I see that the vimroom plugin makes it possible to limit the number of columns used by vim (amongst other things), but doing this via such a plugin feels a bit overkill and also the plugin centers the display instead of using the leftmost columns which is not what I want.

How can I make vim use the leftmost 80 columns?

I'm happy with solutions that use, e.g., vsplits and additional panes (but provided they don't interfere with the editing, in particular, I would want :q to exit without having to close the useless panes); or alternatively using tmux...

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Turns out there is a very simple solution, using stty:

$ stty columns 80
$ vim path/to/file

Thanks to immae I also have a solution using tmux:

tmux -L $(date +%s) unbind-key -a \; set -g mouse off \; set -g status off \; new-session sleep 36500d \; split-window -h -l 80 -b bash -c 'vim "$@"; tmux kill-server' bash "$@"

Note that this assumes your editing session lasts less than 36500 days. See this question for alternatives to the use of sleep

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