:h terminal-to-job shows the following example of term_sendkeys()

call term_sendkeys(buf, "ls *.java\<CR>")

Following this, I added the line to .vimrc:

nnoremap <Leader>test :call term_sendkeys(2, "ls *.txt\<CR>")

where 2 is the buffer number.

After :terminal, running the command gives an error message:

E114: Missing double quote: "ls *.txt\
E116: Invalid arguments for function term_sendkeys

But, the command works fine if it is used directly in the command mode.

What am I missing?

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In a mapping call the line is interpreted slightly differently (focusing on keyboard input)

I would do:

nnoremap <Leader>test :call term_sendkeys(2, "ls *.txt<C-v><CR>")<CR>

The right hand side here is not the code itself but the keyboard sequence needed to input it. Furthermore the <.> construct are interpreted as keyboard input.

Your version was equivalent to:

:call term_sendkey(2, "ls *.txt\^M

The code proposed will lead to:

:call term_sendkey(2, "ls *.txt^M")


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