I sometimes add abbreviations for local files or projects.

For example having:


Instead of typing PREFIX_ I map it to something, for example PP or P1, P2, ... etc.


How can I open completion for the PREFIX_ in addition to the abbreviation swap when using abbr<SPACE>?

PS: Using abbr<C-]> would make it simpler, but rather type abbr<SPACE> over abbr<C-AltGr-9> which is the case on my keyboard.

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  1. Add <C-n> to the mapping.
  2. Trim away the added space. Has to be done after completion keys.
:iab PP PREFIX_<C-n><C-p><C-R>=trim(getcharstr(0))<CR>

" or to keep first selected:

:iab PP PREFIX_<C-n><C-R>=trim(getcharstr(0))<CR>

The trim(getcharstr(0)) is a shorter version of Eatchar() as described in :h abbreviations

Should work for both ABR<SPACE> and ABR<C-]>

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