I learnt from this post that there is a csv plug-in. I tried this plug-in and it indeed arranged the csv file well.

However, the color scheme is horrible on my screen.

Is there anyway that I can change the color scheme for this specific plug-in?

I'm satisfied with the current color scheme before I use this plug-in. It will be good if I don't need to change color scheme in other environments.

enter image description here


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The colors are controlled with the following highlighting groups:

  • CSVDelimiter
  • CSVColumnEven
  • CSVColumnOdd
  • CSVColumnHeaderEven
  • CSVColumnHeaderOdd

Here is what I have in my _vimrc based on the Nord theme:

hi CSVDelimiter guifg=#616E88 guibg=#2E3440
hi CSVColumnEven guifg=#D8DEE9 guibg=#434c5e
hi CSVColumnOdd guifg=#D8DEE9 guibg=#2E3440
hi CSVColumnHeaderEven guifg=#D8DEE9 guibg=#434c5e
hi CSVColumnHeaderOdd guifg=#D8DEE9 guibg=#2E3440

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