I have so many huge size of files and always need to do search and replacement
so I map the command as nnoremap aa :let i=1 \| g/regexp/ s/^/\=printf("%1d. ",i)/g \|let i =i+1\|:w! 1.txt

This cmd include a loop and count , I want to save as modified file as a new file and keep the original one.
But this cmd \|:w! 1.txt will save the file again and agian take so many time, I just want to save the final one when all the action completed.
I know i can use two steps to achieve it

  1. :let i=1 \| g/regexp/ s/^/\=printf("%1d. ",i)/g \|let i =i+1
  2. :w! 1.txt

Is there any way to achieve it in one cmd line?

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The problem is that global takes all the rest of its arguments as the command to execute on matching lines. But you can manipulate what it sees with execute:

let i=1 | execute 'global/regexp/substitute/^/\=printf("%1d. ",i)/g | let i =i+1' | :write! 1.txt

As you’ve noticed, you need to be careful with bars in mappings; I find the layers introduced by also using execute with bars can sometimes be confusing, so I recommend putting the above into a function and having your mapping invoke that.

  • WOW!!Really Thanks, I add execute to every cmd with :g it really speedup
    – M_Sea
    Commented Nov 8, 2023 at 14:36

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