I am following the Full Spec from the official documentation to configure conform.nvim for Lazy-Vim

However, I'm encountering multiple errors, one of which is that Util is not recognized, even though I believe it should be defined through some sort of initialization by lazy-vim itself.

Here are all the errors I encountered:

Undefined global Util.
Undefined global conform_opts.
Undefined type or alias conform.FormatterUnit.
Cannot assign string to conform.FormatterUnit.
Undefined type or alias conform.FormatterConfigOverride.

The official sample appears to have numerous errors. Is there an additional step I missed, or is the sample not intended for direct use? Any help resolving these issues would be appreciated.

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I have the same problem... This is my solution:

local M = {}
local Util = require("lazyvim.util")

You can find it in: https://github.com/LazyVim/LazyVim/tree/main/lua/lazyvim/util

This is my config for conform.nvim: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/luismanolo/nvim/develop/lua/plugins/conform.lua

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