I often use zC to close nested folds under the cursor. However this command is not useful in files with a single, global level-zero fold (e.g. fortran program...end program and latex \begin{document}...\end{document}). In these files I typically use setlocal foldlevel=1 and rarely want to fold below that level.

Are there any commands or functions I can use to recursively close folds under the cursor only up to the current fold level? Perhaps this needs a custom function?

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Alright this wasn't too difficult. Adding this to vimrc does the trick:

" Nested close function
function! s:close_nested() abort
  let line = line('.')
  while line > 1 && foldlevel(line - 1) > &l:foldlevel
    let line -= 1  " stop when preceding line matches desired level
  exe line . 'foldclose'

" Nested close mapping
" Note: When called on line below fold level this will still trigger a close. So
" pressing e.g. 'zCzC' will first fold up to foldlevel then fold additional levels.
noremap zC <Cmd>call s:close_nested()<CR>

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