I've set vim.opt.clipboard = "unnamedplus" to copy to/paste from the system clipboard. However, I noticed that the behavior differs whether I'm using nvim in my local machine, a remote machine via ssh, or a remote machine via mosh.

Specifically, I can copy to the local clipboard and paste from the local clipboard, in a local machine using yy and p.

In a remote machine via ssh, I can copy text to the local clipboard with yy but paste only with Cmd-v (my local machine is a MacBook).

On a remote machine via mosh, nothing seems to work, including "*yy and "+yy. Is there a solution, or is this feature not available with Mosh?

I'm running Ubuntu 22.04 LTS on the server with X11 and tmux. The local Machine is a MacBook with MacOS 14 and iTerm2.


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