I have vimwiki and vim-vinegar and they conflict on an nmap. Calling map - shows these two maps:

n  -            @<Plug>VimwikiRemoveHeaderLevel
n  -             <Plug>VinegarUp

unmap only removed the vinegar map, and subsequent unmaps didn't touch the other map. What I actually wanted to is to unmap the vimwiki map. What does the @ mean in front of <Plug>? How can I remove a mapping like that? Could I specifically unmap just this one map?

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Try :help map-listing, so we know @ signifies a buffer-local mapping (<Plug> is its own thing: :help <Plug>).

To unmap a buffer-local mapping, you have to pass <buffer>: :nunmap <buffer> - (:help map-buffer).

  • Thanks, I never found map-listing in help.
    – fbence
    Commented Aug 15, 2023 at 17:33

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