JetBrains IDEs and VSCode have this feature where they show some actions that you can do to handle a warning like in the pictures below.

PyCharm's Context action:

Pycharm's Context action

VSCode's Quick fix

VScode's Quick fix

In Neovim, it does show a warning but I cannot find any way to show actions that I can do with that warning.

enter image description here

Currently, I'm using kickstart.nvim as my config.

  • I'm afraid without knowing how the warning is shown it will be difficult to answer. The typical way stuff like this works these days is your editor connects to an LSP as a client, and receives diagnostic text like warnings. It can also request "actions" via the protocol. So, check your "distribution" (blech) documentation for how to trigger LSP actions. (RE: "blech," most experienced vimmers recommend against distributions and for building your own configuration. That way, you know what comes from where and how to manipulate it.)
    – D. Ben Knoble
    Commented Jul 29, 2023 at 20:45

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In Vim, "QuickFix" seems to refer to the old way of fixing code, which involves navigating a list of errors spat out by the compiler after you run :make. I think you want "Code Actions", which kickstart binds to <leader>ca.

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