I use lsp-zero.nvim and it requires nvim-cmp which is what I think is causing the problem.

How can I retain the native autocompletion i_CTRL-P and i_CTRL-N while also using cmp?


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The zero-lsp.nvim comes with some default key bindings that overrides the standard Ctrl n, Ctrl p.

You can disable these key bindings following the instruction: disable keybindings

The default setup instruction propose to add the following code into init.lua:

local lsp = require('lsp-zero').preset({})

lsp.on_attach(function(client, bufnr)
  -- see :help lsp-zero-keybindings
  -- to learn the available actions
  lsp.default_keymaps({buffer = bufnr})


If you don't want to override the key bindings insert instead:

local lsp = require('lsp-zero').preset({})

  • This feels like a link-only answer. Could you elaborate and add the necessary instructions?
    – D. Ben Knoble
    Jul 25 at 20:25

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