I find there is one line let g:netrw_bufsettings = 'noma nomod nu nobl nowrap ro' in my _vimrc file. Google says it could make

netrw buffers buflisted

What does it mean to make "netrw buffers buflisted"? Can anyone explain what the line in the _vimrc file does?

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The g:netrw_bufsettings option is what allows you to set options that vim will only apply to netrw buffers. A buffer is essentially a file that is loaded in vim, whether it actually exists on your hard drive or not. You can get a list of all these buffers using the :ls command. When the buflisted option is set (which can be done manually like so: :set buflisted), it means that the buffer will be listed in the output of :ls and will be included in the current buffer list.

For more help on the commands used here, see these resources:

  • :help 'buflisted'
  • :help :ls
  • :help :set

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