When you do popup_create({whatever}, #{ line: m, col: n}), m and n are meant to be screen column numbers, as per :help popup_create-arguments.

But what if I want to position the popup at a specific document line and column?

Well, line: and col: can be given 'cursor±offset', which is basically a way to change the origin from which line and col are counted, and since the offset from the cursor can be computed as [desiredline - line('.'), desiredcol - col('.')], one can craft the two 'cursor±offset' strings carefully to put the popup where they want.

By carefully I mean that one needs to take care of + and -, which is probably not that hard.

But what makes the thing so hard are two points:

  1. How do I detect (in order to abort the creation) if the position where I want to put the popup in the given buffer is
    • out of the terminal window?
    • within the terminal window but out of the current Vim window?
  2. Most importantly, how in the world do I deal with the case of wrap being turned on?

I'd be tempted to open a request (I'm checking if one exists already) for having one of these:

  • popup_create to accept the text line and text column numbers for easy positioning it with respect to text
  • a general to_screenpos function accepting a text line and text column numbers and converting them to a position on the screen, which would allow preprocessing [line('.') ± offset, col('.') ± offset] before passing it to popup_create; it could even result in [] to communicate that position is not visible, so one could not call popup_create in that case.

but I'd like to see if a handy solution exits already.


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