As you know :G generally applies for the git directory of the current file.

How do you make it work for the current working directory?

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Here I defined :GCWD for current working folder.

function! GitDir()
let top = systemlist("git rev-parse --show-toplevel")[0]
return top . "/.git"

function! GCWDComplete(A, L, P) abort
return fugitive#Complete(a:A, a:L, a:P, {'git_dir': GitDir()})

command! -bang -nargs=? -range=-1 -complete=customlist,GCWDComplete GCWD exe fugitive#Command(<line1>, <count>, +"<range>", <bang>0, "<mods>", <q-args>,   { 'git_dir': GitDir() })

based mainly on others code (https://github.com/tpope/vim-fugitive/issues/1981 ), so made it a wiki.

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