Suppose we have several files f11.txt f21.txt f31.txt f01.txt f02.txt f03.txt

Is there any Vim option such that I can open all files except for f0*.txt?

Something like gvim -O * --exclude=*0*? (-O split files vertically, the first * matches all files, the exclude is supposed to exclude the f0*.txt files)

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Vim does not provide such an option, but if you are using bash, and have the extglob option set (shopt -s extglob), you can use the !(pattern-list) sub-pattern to match all files except those matching one of the given patterns. (See man bash and search for !(.).

With that, you can open your files using

gvim -O !(*0*)
  • Thanks for your reply, two questions. Do you mean that the line shopt -s extglob should be added into the .bashrc file? If I'm using windows cmd line, is there any way to achieve that? Commented Aug 11, 2015 at 22:44
  • Yes, shopt -s extglob should be added to your ~/.bashrc because it is off by default, at least in bash 4.2.45. I don't know of anything similar in the Windows Command Prompt, but I don't know Windows very well. I use Cygwin to keep my sanity while using Windows.
    – garyjohn
    Commented Aug 12, 2015 at 0:03

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