My colors currently look like this, with the text highlighted green on both sides: My setup

I would like it to be red on the left, and green on the right.

I tried to change the DiffDelete highlight, but that is for the greyed out area opposite the green highlighted text. And when I change the DiffAdd highlight, both sides change! I know that this is possible, this setup pulls it off: Some other guy's setup

I believe the theme used there is Tokyo Night, but this isn't accomplished in the theme, when I tried it, it had the same behavior- green on both sides. How can I accomplish this?

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This is a feature of diffview.nvim. :help diffview-config-enhanced_diff_hl

To set the colors after enabling this option, DiffAdd remains the same, the text on the left side is set at DiffviewDiffAddAsDelete, and the dashes opposite the DiffAdd blocks are set at DiffviewDiffDelete.

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