I am using lunar vim, and want to add icons to a remote terminal running on ubuntu vm. Is this possible?

On vm, output of echo $TERM is xterm-256color. I tried the steps given here https://www.lunarvim.org/docs/installation/post-install#install-a-nerd-font.

  • What exactly do you mean with remote terminal? Jun 9 at 8:07
  • A vm on cloud. I ssh into it Jun 9 at 9:42
  • and did you configure your terminal to use those fonts? Jun 9 at 10:27
  • I configured the vm shell and failed. I was able to configure the terminal (iTerm) in my local system with success. Jun 9 at 10:59
  • What exactly means failed in this context? please give concrete error messages. Also, you do not have to configure the vm shell. You need to configure your terminal to use those fonts. So are you sure your terminal uses the correct font? Jun 9 at 11:50


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