I'm new to NvChad and would like to learn how to bind <leader>t to execute rubber on the current file.

My previous nvim setup had the code nnoremap <leader>t :!rubber --pdf %<CR>.

How would this carry over to NvChad?

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In the NvChad custom mapping file (~/.config/nvim/lua/custom/mapping.lua) edit the section M.general:

M.general = {
  n = {
    [";"] = { ":", "enter command mode", opts = { nowait = true } },
    ["<leader>s"] = { ":!rubber --pdf %<CR>", "rubber the current file", opts = { nowait = true } },

More information about NvChad mapping in the mapping documentation

Remark: In the example I remap <leader>s (Spaces) since <leader>th (Spaceth) is already mapped in NvChad.

Remark: You can list all the NvChad mapping with the :Telescope keymaps command


Consider setting the makeprg and using :make, or writing a small compiler plugin (which sets makeprg and errorformat, and can be used with :compiler). See relevant help topics for details.

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