Say I have 4 files in current directory:


Next, I want to save current buffer to a new file file-foo-03.txt. So I enter :w f and then press Tab for a few times until the cmdline becomes :w file-foo-01.txt:

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Then, I want to use to move cursor to 1 and change it to 3. But if I press it'll behave like Shift-Tab and the previous file file-bar-02.txt is selected and the cmdline becomes :w file-bar-02.txt:

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So how can I ask and to move cursor rather than cycle through the file completion candidates?

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Use Ctrl-Y (as a mnemotechnic reminder I think of it as Ctrl-"Yes" to validate the selection)

When you use Ctrl-Y in a selection menu it chooses the selection but does not launch the command line

After the filename that pleases you most is selected/validated, you can now edit the filename using Left and Right and change it to your taste


Found the answer in :help wildmenu:

While the menu is active these keys have special meanings:

  • CTRL-Y - accept the currently selected match and stop completion.
  • CTRL-E - end completion, go back to what was there before selecting a match.
  • Left / Right - select previous/next match (like CTRL-P / CTRL-N)
  • Down - in filename/menu name completion: move into a subdirectory or submenu.
  • CR - in menu completion, when the cursor is just after a dot: move into a submenu.
  • Up - in filename/menu name completion: move up into parent directory or parent menu.

If you want Left and Right to move the cursor instead of selecting a different match, use this:

  :cnoremap <Left>  <Space><BS><Left>
  :cnoremap <Right> <Space><BS><Right>

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