I am trying to configure the key mappings for the barbar plugin commands, specifically the BufferMovePrevious and BufferMoveNext actions. The desired key combinations are Alt < and Alt >. However, despite my attempts, these mappings do not seem to be functioning properly. Also I am on Arch linux. Let me provide you with the different variations I have tried:

Initially, I attempted the following mappings:

map('n', '<A-<>', '<Cmd>BufferMovePrevious<CR>', opts)
map('n', '<A->>', '<Cmd>BufferMoveNext<CR>', opts)

I also experimented with the following mappings:

map('n', '<M-<>', '<Cmd>BufferMovePrevious<CR>', opts)
map('n', '<M->>', '<Cmd>BufferMoveNext<CR>', opts)

Additionally, I came across a suggestion in response to a similar question, and tried the following mappings:

map('n', '<¯>', '<Cmd>BufferMovePrevious<CR>', opts)
map('n', '<˘>', '<Cmd>BufferMoveNext<CR>', opts)

and nothing works, the content of :map is:

Unfortunately, none of these attempts yielded the desired results. Upon inspecting the output of the :map command, I noticed that all my mappings, except for the ones related to the BufferMovePrevious and BufferMoveNext commands, are functioning correctly. Moreover, I observed that instead of the expected <M-<> notation, the mapping for these commands displays <M-lt>.

Considering the aforementioned details, I would greatly appreciate any guidance or alternative solutions you can provide to help me resolve this issue. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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    Sometimes if you're using Vim under a terminal you can't map certain shifted-keys, such as the ones you want to map. Yes, <m-lt> is correct notation and Vim is understanding which key you want to map, but it's probably just not seeing the key combination due to the terminal emulator you're using.
    – Heptite
    May 29, 2023 at 18:16

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Try using <M-S-,> and <M-S-.>:

nnoremap <silent>    <M-S-,> <Cmd>BufferMovePrevious<CR>
nnoremap <silent>    <M-S-.> <Cmd>BufferMoveNext<CR>


I had this problem on MacOS/Kitty/Neovim. I investigated what keys Neovim saw with the following (method source):

  1. Switched to insert mode.
  2. Pressed ctrl+v
  3. Pressed alt+shift+,

That's how I saw <M-S-,>.


Are you using Mac? I have had a similar problem, and it apparently is due to how the keyboard send ≤ and ≥ instead of M-< and M->. Here is my barbar mapping which works correctly with those keys:

-- Move to previous/next (Alt+< or >)
vim.keymap.set('n', '≤', '<Cmd>BufferPrevious<CR>', opts)
vim.keymap.set('n', '≥', '<Cmd>BufferNext<CR>', opts)
-- Re-order to previous/next (Alt+Shift+< or >)
vim.keymap.set('n', '¯', '<Cmd>BufferMovePrevious<CR>', opts)
vim.keymap.set('n', '˘', '<Cmd>BufferMoveNext<CR>', opts)
-- Goto buffer in position (Alt + 0-9)
vim.keymap.set('n', '¡', '<Cmd>BufferGoto 1<CR>', opts)
vim.keymap.set('n', '™', '<Cmd>BufferGoto 2<CR>', opts)
vim.keymap.set('n', '£', '<Cmd>BufferGoto 3<CR>', opts)
vim.keymap.set('n', '¢', '<Cmd>BufferGoto 4<CR>', opts)
vim.keymap.set('n', '∞', '<Cmd>BufferGoto 5<CR>', opts)
vim.keymap.set('n', '§', '<Cmd>BufferGoto 6<CR>', opts)
vim.keymap.set('n', '¶', '<Cmd>BufferGoto 7<CR>', opts)
vim.keymap.set('n', '•', '<Cmd>BufferGoto 8<CR>', opts)
vim.keymap.set('n', 'ª', '<Cmd>BufferGoto 9<CR>', opts)
vim.keymap.set('n', 'º', '<Cmd>BufferLast<CR>', opts)
-- Pin/unpin buffer (Alt-P)
vim.keymap.set('n', 'π', '<Cmd>BufferPin<CR>', opts)
-- Close buffer (Alt-C)
vim.keymap.set('n', 'ç', '<Cmd>BufferClose<CR>', opts)
-- Close all but current (Alt-Shift-C)
vim.keymap.set('n', 'Ç', '<Cmd>BufferCloseAllButCurrent<CR>', opts)
-- Magic buffer-picking mode
vim.keymap.set('n', '<C-p>', '<Cmd>BufferPick<CR>', opts)
-- Sort automatically by...
vim.keymap.set('n', '<leader>bb', '<Cmd>BufferOrderByBufferNumber<CR>', opts)
vim.keymap.set('n', '<leader>bd', '<Cmd>BufferOrderByDirectory<CR>', opts)
vim.keymap.set('n', '<leader>bl', '<Cmd>BufferOrderByLanguage<CR>', opts)
vim.keymap.set('n', '<leader>bw', '<Cmd>BufferOrderByWindowNumber<CR>', opts)
  • no, I am not using mac and this does not work for me, thanks for the effort tho
    – Jastcher
    Jun 1, 2023 at 18:32
  • I see, sorry it doesn't help. Maybe try to use the keys in a text box or an input echo command and see if your OS/keyboard sends a different combo
    – casraf
    Jun 1, 2023 at 19:08

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