I want to extract the the substring Python 3.11 from the strings like Python 3.11.2.release0 (i.e. I want to extract Python followed by the first two digits separated by a .). Such longer strings often come from system output of python --version. Hence, my attempt is the following:

var myvar = system('python --version') -> filter("v:val =~ 'Python\ \d\+.\d\+'")

but it always result in an empty myvar.

Interestingly, if I have a buffer that contains the string Python 3.11.2.release0 and I type /Python\ \d\+.\d\+ the pattern Python 3.11 is correctly highlighted (I have incsearch set).

I am interested in Vim9.

EDIT: the utilisation of systemlist instead of system produce the same result.

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  1. A space is not allowed between -> and the name of the function. Fixed:

    var myvar = system('python --version')->filter("v:val =~ 'Python\ \d\+.\d\+'")
  2. Whether you are interested in vim9script or not is irrelevant, here, as the functions work the same. This variant of your snippet makes that pointless requirement disappear:

    :echo system('python --version')->filter("v:val =~ 'Python\ \d\+.\d\+'")
  3. :help filter() is not at all adapted to what you are trying to do. Use :help matchstr() instead:

    :echo system('python --version')->matchstr('Python\ \d\+\.\d\+')
  • Auch! matchstr() !!!
    – Barzi2001
    Commented May 28, 2023 at 10:17

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