My program compiles fine, but within Vim (with CoC + clangd) I get the linting error: #include <omp.h> 'omp.h' file not found (clang pp_file_not_found)

I use bear -- make as described in https://clangd.llvm.org/installation.html#project-setup, and it usually works for libraries I'm using. With OpenMP, it creates this file:

    "arguments": [
    "directory": "/home/me/school/cs475/3",
    "file": "/home/me/school/cs475/3/proj03.cpp"

Why does the error happen? What do I need to do to get clang to recognize OpenMP?

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    Welcome to vi SE. You can always edit your post to add information. Doing so is better than adding a comment to your own post.
    – Friedrich
    May 9, 2023 at 20:31
  • Isn't that rather a question for your bear command what that is? I don't think this is vims responsibility here May 10, 2023 at 9:38
  • Sounds more like CoC/clangd troubleshooting to me
    – D. Ben Knoble
    May 10, 2023 at 16:57


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