I wanted to add some handler that is triggered whenever a paste happened. From what I know, there is no such a thing like autocmd for paste action. I have look into some possible solution such as overriding the vim.paste api such as below.

local function handler(overriden)
    return function (lines, phase)
        overriden(lines, phase)

vim.paste = handler(vim.paste)

But I noticed that the doSomething is only triggered when it is an external paste as mentioned in the docs.

"Paste" is a separate concept from |clipboard|: paste means "dump a bunch of
text to the editor", whereas clipboard provides features like |quote+| to get
and set the OS clipboard directly.  For example, middle-click or CTRL-SHIFT-v
(macOS: CMD-v) in your terminal is "paste", not "clipboard": the terminal
application (Nvim) just gets a stream of text, it does not interact with the
clipboard directly.

Is there any way I can implement one for all kind of paste?



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