Vim does not connect to a clientserver, which causes issues using VimTex and zathura. Upon opening any file in an Ubuntu terminal, the following error is displayed:

Error detected while processing /root/.vimrc:
line   21:
E240: No connection to the X server
Press ENTER or type command to continue    

Steps to Reproduce

This is my .vimrc file:

  1 filetype on
  2 filetype plugin on
  3 filetype indent on
  4 syntax enable
  6 call plug#begin()
  7 Plug 'lervag/vimtex'
  8 Plug 'preservim/nerdtree'
  9 call plug#end()
 11 set nocompatible
 12 set number
 13 set tabstop=4
 14 set laststatus=2
 16 let g:vimtex_view_method = 'zathura'
 17 let g:vimtex_quickfix_mode = 0
 18 let g:vimtex_compiler_method = 'latexmk'
 20 if empty(v:servername) && exists('*remote_startserver')
 21   call remote_startserver('VIM')
 22 endif

From here, open any file in the terminal, with commands such as

vim .vimrc


vim text.tex

and the error message from above will appear.

System Info

I use Ubuntu as available in the Windows Store of Windows 11 Pro. Here is the system info prompted from Vim:

  1 System info:
  2   OS: Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS
  3   Vim version: VIM 8.2 (1-3995, 4563, 4646, 4774, 4895, 4899, 4901, 4919)
  4   Has clientserver: true
  5   Servername: undefined (vim started without --servername)

Thank you in advance!

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    I understand that you are using WSL which only allow to use console application by default. Did you do something to address that limitation? Without X server I suppose Zathura can't start. Apr 23, 2023 at 4:41

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Resolved: Following Vivian De Smedt's comment, I realized I hadn't addressed such a limitation of WSL. I followed the instructions on this article from Medium entitled "Using WSL-2 with X-server — Linux on Window" and can now connect to the X-Server.

Thank you so much! I'm quite new to Vim and found this very helpful.

EDIT: In case of link rot:

  1. I installed VcXsrv, then in the properties -> shortcut -> target, I entered "C:\Program Files\VcXsrv\vcxsrv.exe" :0 -ac -terminate -lesspointer -multiwindow -clipboard -wgl -dpi auto
  2. I entered netstat -abno|findstr 6000 into Windows Powershell
  3. I installed terminator with sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get install terminator,
  4. I validated terminator by entering DISPLAY=$(cat /etc/resolv.conf | grep nameserver | awk '{print $2}'):0 terminator & into Ubuntu
  5. I allowed VcXsrv all connections in Windows Firewall
  6. I added this to my .bashrc file: export DISPLAY=$(cat /etc/resolv.conf | grep nameserver | awk '{print $2}'):0
  7. I started VcXsrv with access control disabled.

Afterwards, Vim could connect to the X-Server.

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    Welcome to Vim! Thanks for the feedback :-) Apr 23, 2023 at 15:02
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    Please edit to include instructions from the link directly (with source attribution) so that the answer stands alone in case of link rot.
    – D. Ben Knoble
    Apr 23, 2023 at 17:33
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    Maybe could you accept your answer using the v button ne t to the arrow voting buttons. It allow the question to rest :-) Apr 26, 2023 at 5:10

You must run GUI version only, i.e. gvim or vim -g. It should work under WSL, assuming you have W11 with up-to-date WSL installation.


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