After I type source % in .vimrc, I can use plugins in .vimrc (If I do not type source % it will not work).

When I create a new file, I cannot type source % because it will say that it cannot open the file.

If I try to use the plugin without sourcing it does not think there are any plugins.

I just downloaded vim-plug. Does anyone have any recommendations?

  • Maybe you should give us more information about your .vimrc and I particular how your plugins are declared. Are you using a plugin manager? Apr 22 at 22:10
  • Welcome to vi SE! I would guess that your .vimrc is not actually found and sourced by Vim. Refer to :h vimrc and double check the file is in the right path and has the right name for your OS. FWIW, you can source files by name, e.g. :source PATH/TO/.vimrc
    – Friedrich
    Apr 23 at 14:26


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