As the title says, I want to disable neovim from overwriting existing content of my clipboard. I am using elementary os 7 horus and nvim v0.10.0-dev-115+g240c41e1a downloaded from github release page. I am fairly new to vim. If I want to copy to system clipboard I would use "+y. But, when I cut or copy text using x, d or y it just overwrites my clipboard. I saw some solutions on the internet. But those entirely disables clipboard. How can I prevent this behavior?

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I believe you have to unset clipboard

set clipboard=

Then the default register " is used for the operations (x, c, y, d) and to use the system clipboard you have to specify the + or * register.

  • that same thing did not work on manjaro. But, working on elementary. Weird!😐
    – Abid Hasan
    Commented Apr 19, 2023 at 5:22

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