I am failing to configure nvim-treesitter to automatically highlight the code upon opening a file.

After configuring nvim-treesitter by following the recommended instruction steps, this is what I get:

enter image description here

  • running :TSInstallInfo reveals that Elixir parser is not installed:

    elixir           [✗] not installed
  • running :TSModuleInfo reveals that for Elixir language, all modules are disabled:

            highlight  incremental_selection  indent
            ...        ...                    ...
    elixir  ✗          ✗                      ✗
            ...        ...                    ...

Should I "instruct" nvim-treesitter to install the parser using :TSInstall elixir and then manually enable the highlighting inside the desired buffer using :TSBufToggle highlight - the code appears to be colorised correctly:

enter image description here

What whould I change about my config to make nvim-treesitter install and enabled highlighting (and incremental selection and indent modules, for that matter) automatically?

I wasn't sure if should open a GitHub issue for this, and if so - to which project, e.g. nvim-treesitter or lazy.nvim, the package manager I am using. Hence posting my question here.

For the purpose of preparing a minimal reproduction example, I've isolated neovim's config directory, as well as its data directory into the following folder structure:

$ tree -L 2
├── data
├── elixir-code-sample.exs
└── nvim
    ├── init.lua
    └── lazy-lock.json

Here's my init.lua in its entirety:

print("Issue with tree-sitter configuration")

-- 1. bootstrap lazy.nvim
local lazypath = vim.fn.stdpath("data") .. "/lazy/lazy.nvim"
if not vim.loop.fs_stat(lazypath) then
    "--branch=stable", -- latest stable release

-- 2. install tree-sitter.nvim plugin
require("lazy").setup({{"nvim-treesitter/nvim-treesitter", build = ":TSUpdate"}})

-- 3. make things on a screen a little nicer
vim.opt.termguicolors = true

Here's how I run neovim while in the root of a folder tree, displated above:

XDG_CONFIG_HOME=$(realpath .) XDG_DATA_HOME=$(realpath data) nvim elixir-sample.exs

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It works now. Had to make the following change to a config above:

 -- 2. install tree-sitter.nvim plugin
-require("lazy").setup({{"nvim-treesitter/nvim-treesitter", build = ":TSUpdate"}})
+  {'nvim-treesitter/nvim-treesitter',
+    build = ":TSUpdate",
+    config = function()
+      local configs = require 'nvim-treesitter.configs'
+      configs.setup {
+        ensure_installed = {
+          'elixir',
+        },
+        highlight = {
+          enable = true
+        },
+      }
+    end,
+  }

 -- 3. make things on a screen a little nicer

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