I recently switched from VsCode and I am quite confused about the window/pane system of neovim.

It seems like these are the only options to actually use panes in neovim: https://stackoverflow.com/a/4571319/9168173

But all these options just switch and move the panes itself. I'd like to move the buffer into a new pane instead. Consider this example:

Panes A B C

Files 1 2 3

what if i just want to move File 1 to Pane B?

I consider Panes as stack of files/buffers.

Lets say i've File 1 open on Pane A and open File 4 on top of it. If i move now File 4 to Pane B, i would end up with this:

Panes A B C

Files 1 4 3

since there is still File 1 on the Stack of Pane A. Is this behaviour even possible in vim/neovim?


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The "Files" (called buffers in Vim documentation) are not associated to "Panes" (called windows in Vim documentation).

To have buffer 4 to window B you could:

  • Go to window B and
  • Open buffer 4 (:b 4)

To move buffer through windows you could be interested to look at the winresizer plugin that let you move buffer across windows using the h, j, k and l keys.

With the plugin you have to:

  1. Activate winresizer with Ctrl e and
  2. Switch to buffer move mode with e
  3. Use the h, j, k and l keys to move the current buffer across windows.
  • Thanks for the answer. At least i know now from a knowledgeable person whats possible and what isn't. Maybe i'll create my own plugins, to enable stack-based window management - i'll see
    – Chikko
    Apr 15, 2023 at 15:24
  • Thanks for the feedback! Welcome to Vim :-) Apr 15, 2023 at 16:39

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