In VSCode I can comment my code with Ctrl kCtrl c and uncomment with Ctrl kCtrl u

Is there any way to do this using LunarVim or Neovim?


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Because "commenting out" is context-dependent, the behavior is left to plugins rather than the core Vim editor.

Many plugins reuse the sequence gc to comment.

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The standard and advised approach is to use a plugin, like Vivian wrote.

If you feel like not using a plugin, you can do it in a few lines of code using autocmd like the snippet below. Select several lines in visual mode with V and press Ctrl-Slash or Shift-Ctrl-Slash to comment/uncomment.

The idea is simple. The buffer-local variable b:comment_symbol is defined corresponding to the file type (you can see with echo &ft). If you substitute b:comment_symbol for start-of-line, you comment a line. If you substitute nothing for b:comment_symbol at start-of-line, you uncomment a line.

(This is standard vim, sorry idk if it works in neovim or lunarvim)

augroup visual_commenting
    autocmd FileType c,cpp,java,rust  let b:comment_symbol = '//'
    autocmd FileType vim              let b:comment_symbol = '"'
    autocmd FileType sh,vim,python    let b:comment_symbol = '#'
    autocmd FileType tex              let b:comment_symbol = '%'
    autocmd BufEnter * silent! vnoremap <silent> <C-_> :<C-u>keepp '<,'>s@^@\=b:comment_symbol<CR>
    autocmd BufEnter * silent! exec 'vnoremap <silent> <C-?> :<C-u>keepp ''<,''>s@^' . b:comment_symbol . '@<CR>'
augroup END
  • If there is no linewise comment e.g. like in coq, just substitute both start-of-line and end-of-line.
    – Hoblovski
    Apr 14 at 6:26

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