I do not use syntax highlighting, except for a few elements like errors, matched parentheses, search results, and diffs. Yesterday I updated NeoVim installation to v0.9.0 and now I see colors in for statements, strings, html tags, etc. Based on the release notes I assume this was caused by "treesitter".

Is there a way to revert back to my previous setup?

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Look at vim.treesitter.stop in Neovim docs. It is specific to buffers, but I think you can expand it. The nuclear option I think would be using th module vim.treesitter.highlighter and TSHighlighter:destroy({self}). I suggest you to look at the doc I linked above.

  • Thanks for the doc. I read it and seems like tree-sitter highlight groups are linked to Vims highlight groups so this isn't the issue. I tracked the issue down to init.vim not respecting my colorscheme. Colors get back to normal if after starting neovim I manually call :colors again. Apr 9, 2023 at 8:03

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