In my vimrc I have this line :

call matchadd('ColorColumn', '\%81v', 100)

It colors the 81th column in a subtle grey background so I can track my line length :

enter image description here

(see the l and the f)

I found out that when editing a large file, this function causes Vim to be very slow.

One of the file I am currently working on is a jsp file with a lot of mistakes in the indentation/syntax.

I also tried with a custom vimrc :


call matchadd('ColorColumn', '\%81v', 100)

And launching vim with vim -u .vimrc-test -N my-file.jsp it reproduce the same.

I am on MacVim 7.4.383 on Yosemity.

Do you know anything related to this issue ?

  • I can't really answer that, but check :h colorcolumn, this is a standard option for vim. The help states "Will make screen redrawing slower.", so you won't probably get around that, but maybe the internal implementation is atleast faster then your version. Aug 4, 2015 at 9:32
  • with a set cc=+1 and a set textwidth=80 I get the 81th column colored with no performance issue, so I'll stick to that for the moment, thanks for the advice
    – nobe4
    Aug 4, 2015 at 9:45

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Try appending the \%#=1 to the pattern so the old regexp engine is used. If I remember correctly, there was a bug in the newer engine that makes matching column positions slower, which was fixed later in the 7.4. development.

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