I have this repeatable error running Neovim 0.8 with dartls.

It occurs if I :-

  1. open a dart file
  2. make a change, eg add a blank line
  3. :w to save it
  4. immediately :e!
  5. on the next change attempt, I get the above error message and the dartls process terminates

Looking at the lsp.log file with debug set, I can see the :e! causes LSP didOpen with version=0 and then, when I make the change, at step 5, I see didChange with version=nnn where nnn is a positive integer.

At a guess, it's the disparity between the file open with version=0 and then an edit with version=nnn which causes dartls to respond with the error and then terminate. Is this a Dart issue or Neovim LSP issue?

For anybody else with this problem, the workaround is to do a fresh :e! which restarts the dartls process.

  • Titular question: probably NeoVim LSP team, unless you're using some plugin on top of that? Possibly also engage the dartls team.
    – D. Ben Knoble
    Mar 18 at 15:21


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