I have some zsh function files that I should not add extensions to for the convenience of calling, i.e. my_func instead of my_func.zsh. But this causes an issue that Neovim cannot detect their filetypes since I also use nvim-treesitter that does :syntax off/:filetype off by default.

So, is it possible to have a local setting file located in a folder so that those files at the same level will all be set to the specified filetype?

  • If there's no good answer, there's a workaround. I have a similar problem with *.py files that I want to display in a web browser; the server executes them instead. What I did is create matching *.code files for references in the HTML. The trick is to have one of each pair be a symbolic link to the other (hard links are even better, but you have to occasionally check to make sure they haven't become unlinked). Commented Mar 16, 2023 at 13:04

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If you are talking about autoload functions or just scripts, putting a zsh shebang or #compdef at the beginning should work fine for filetype detection. Otherwise, # vim: ft=zsh near the beginning or end (:help modeline).


First of all, nvim-treesitter does not call :filetype off by default.

Secondly, :filetype on is enabled by default(:h nvim-defaults).

Finally, you can use vim.filetype.add (:h lua-filetype).

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