One of the reasons i prefer to run Vim from a terminal instead of running gVim is that the output of external gets cluttered up by escape sequences each time I execute commands like ls and grep that I have aliased to colorize the output in my .bashrc.

When executing :!ls I get output that looks like this:

[0m[01;34mDesktop[0m    [01;34mDocuments[0m    [01;34mDownloads[0m
[01;34mGit[0m    [01;34mMail[0m    [01;34mMusic[0m
[01;34mPictures[0m    [01;34mProgramming[0m
[01;34mPublic[0m    [01;34mSoftware[0m    [01;34mTemplates[0m    todo.txt    [01;34mVideos0m

Screenshot here:enter image description here

Try executing :!vi in gVim and your entire screen will explode.

Is there a solution to this problem? Is it possible to make gVim discard escape sequences when printing the output of an external command?

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You should take a look at the manual of those commands: they may allow you to define when to show colors or not.

ls, for example, has the --color=auto option that makes it show colors only when possible.


The issue is that gVim doesn't emulate a full terminal, in this particular case, it doesn't recognize colour codes.

This is simply something you can't do in gVim, unless you spawn a new terminal with :!xterm -e 'ls && read', use :!/bin/ls to prevent loading your ls alias which adds colours, or filter the colors with something like :!ls | sed 's|\x1b\[[;0-9]*m||g' (I have that sed command as a shell alias).

See also: What additional features do gVim and/or MacVim offer compared to Vim inside a terminal emulator?.

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