sysinit.vim works like a charm, but I want to fully transit into lua.

How file should be called? sysinit.lua doesn't work.

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This is not supported, but you can execute lua code inside vimscript.

lua << EOF
  -- your lua code
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    By my reading of the linked issue, this (or at least, calling a lua file from sysinit.vim) is in fact the recommended way to do this, so saying it's "probably not supported" doesn't seem right to me. +1 anyway for solving the problem. Welcome to the site!
    – Rich
    Aug 7 at 13:53

For system wide init in lua you could have a init.lua in {dir}/nvim/init.lua where {dir} is any directory in $XDG_CONFIG_DIRS.

More information with: :help config

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    But $XDG_CONFIG_DIRS is typically $HOME/.config/. So it's not a system wide config file location.
    – gitaarik
    Apr 20 at 12:30
  • Also, I haven't tested this, but the documentation reads to me like if you have a regular user init.lua in $XDG_CONFIG_HOME then any ones in $XDG_CONFIG_DIRS won't be read, so I don't think this will work at all, regardless of the actual locations.
    – Rich
    Aug 7 at 13:49

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